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Learn efficiently in a short time

You can definitely improve your grades

  • National Examinations questions and solutions with explanation for the last 10 years
  • Explaned using "easy Japanese"
  • You can read the explanation of the answer in your native language, even before coming to Japan, so you can be a step ahead always.
  • Aim to pass the national examination "care worker" by using the spare time in between work such as part-time job and houseold work.
  • Even if the problem statement is difficult in Japanese, you can understand the key points of the problem in Vietnamese, Indonesian, English, Chinese, etc.
  • Virtual currency will be awarded to the top ranking players

Nursing care worker national examination support app

Motivation behind this app

Japan is an aging society, so the need for nursing care will increase in the future. There is a chronic shortage of human resources in the nursing care industry, and there are a large number of job offers for nursing care workers, and the number of job offers will continue to increase. Qualified care workers are very valuable and sought after by the health industry. We developed this app to help such foreign students and care work aspirants, to succeed in japanese society as care workers.

Who can use this app

Okayama Institute of Languages, which has more than 30 years of experience in teaching Japanese, created content in collaboration with nursing specialists, and Nippon IT Systems Co., Ltd., which has many foreign IT engineers, cooperated in system development.

To whom this app is for?

It is intended for those who aim for nursing welfare at a nursing training institution, those who are engaged in nursing with a specific skill visa, etc. Use this app to pass the national exam for care workers! and always be a step ahead.

What are some benefits of becoming a care worker?

You can expect a higher salary than a skill trainee or a care worker with a specific skill. In addition, by obtaining a care visa, you can accompany your spouse and lead a stable life.





    1.Have fun learning
  • Since we have introduced a leaderboard system, you can compete and prove yourself while having fun with the sense of accomplishment.
  • You can monitor the progress for each sections.
  • 2.Learn efficiently in a short time
  • Not only can you learn year wise based papers, but you can also concentrate on the specific field of nursing care where you are lacking understanding.
  • To make it easier for japanese beginners, we have included furigana too.
  • All you need is a mobile and internet and you all set to go, anywhere & anytime.
  • 3.You can definitely improve your grades
  • You can practice the problems repeatedly without any limit.
  • A collection of national exam questions from the last 10 years.
  • In addition, foreigners can easily study in their native language.

Award virtual currency

Along with learning, the virtual currency USDT will be awarded to the top ranking players in the leaderboard. However, you will need to register to XT.com account and contact us with your USDT address in the TRC chain.

Voice of contents supervisor

Okayama Institute of Languages principal Takaie hidefumi

Our school is the biggest Japanese language school in the Chugoku region and the Shikoku region (capacity: 436), which is 30 years old. We are proud to have more than 4000 graduates. In collaboration with experts involved in nursing care facilities, our school teachers enquired about the existing problems of the nursing care welfare exam in mind. I think it has become an important issue to be addressed.

Voice from the care facility

・Since the problem sentences in Japanese are difficult. We are glad that we have created an app that supports English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.
・If you are engaged in the nursing care business and aim to acquire a qualification, it is difficult to secure study time to pass the written exam. but with the app, you can study anytime, anywhere.
・Since the examination contents are being reviewed and the question structure is changing perodically, self-study is not an effective approach, but with the app, you can learn efficiently.

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*Since the questions actually given in the Nursing Care Welfare Examination are in Japanese, the exact content is in line with Japanese, but for better understanding you can also choose to view it in your native language, [ the translated text is only for your understanding and, is not be considered as the main source ]. for better understanding it is advised to refer to japanese and use translated text as a reference.

Pricing & Subscriptions

individual plan

Recommended for those who are aiming for the Nursing Care Welfare National Examination!
  • You can solve problems that are easy to make mistakes repeatedly.
  • In addition to Japanese, you can study in multiple languages.
  • If you are at the top of the leaderboard every month, you can get the virtual currency USDT.
1 month plan

(tax incl.)


6 months plan

(tax incl.)


Business plan

Recommended for organizations that want there staff and students to obtain nursing care welfare qualifications!
  • It can be accquired by your company / school. 10 to 50 accounts per unit.
  • You can monitor the learning history of each students and staff individually.
  • It can also be used for preparation and revise of nursing care classes.

User's voice

I was attracted to the fact that it was the first in the world and started using it. Really? I thought, but I wonder if there is any other multilingual app that is so perfect. In the future, I want to work in Japan as a care worker, so I am studying abroad at a vocational care school. When I find the technical terms difficult, I reffer this app to solve many problems, and my understanding gradually improved.

I am trading virtual currencies such as BTC, ETH, and XT, and I found out about this app on that SNS. This app has a virtual currency award system (air drop) plan, which made me interested in this app. The order is reversed, but I would like to work in the nursing field in the future.

I started using it when it was suggested to me by one of tje Japanese language school teacher. The technical terms were difficult to me initially and there are still some places that are difficult to use, but since it is being updated frequently, I think it is an interesting well built app and I am using it regularly. I want to work on either a specific skill visa or a care visa.

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